MMAC-0133 Chute Extension
MMAC-0133 Chute Extension
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MMAC-0133 Chute Extension

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With 15, 25, and 35 degree angle options, the Chute Extension provides an additional 18" of reach for those hard-to-access areas. The Chute Extension also allows for more accuracy and less splashing while delivering your mix.

Modified chute guard with grooves included 

MudMixer® Chute Extension

Experience exceptional efficiency and precision with the MudMixer® Chute Extension, an innovative accessory designed to propel your mixing capabilities to new heights. With options for 15, 25, and 35-degree angles, the concrete chute extension provides an additional 18 inches of reach, making it ideal for navigating those hard-to-access areas with ease.

Enhanced Reach and Performance

Leave behind previous limitations with the MudMixer® Chute Extension. With its ability to extend reach by 18 inches, you can now take on the most challenging areas with confidence and precision. This increased reach ensures you can deliver your mix exactly where it's needed, maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste.

Precision Material Dispensing

Gone are the days of inaccurate material distribution. The MudMixer® Chute Extension allows for greater precision and control due to its innovative design with adjustable angles. With customizable options, you can tailor the chute extension to accommodate your specific requirements, ensuring a more controlled and cleaner working environment.

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Reduced Splashing

Designed with your convenience in mind, our concrete mixer chute extension not only extends reach but also reduces splashing. Its modified chute guard with grooves helps channel the mix more effectively, minimizing mess during material application, ensuring a smoother process.

Get the MudMixer® Chute Extension

If you are ready to take your material mixing and dispensing experience to the next level, purchase the MudMixer® Chute Extension right here on our website. Or, if you have any questions, call us today at 806.515.4683 or complete our contact form. Discover how this innovative accessory can transform your workflow and streamline your operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Chute Extension?

The Chute Extension can be used to improve the accuracy of pouring mixed materials into specific areas. You can adjust to 15, 25, or 35-degree angles and it also offers an additional 18 inches of total reach, making it ideal for projects that have tight corners or spaces which are difficult to get to.

How does a Chute Extension contribute to the efficiency of pouring and directing mixed materials?

A Chute Extension contributes to greater efficiency by offering 18 additional inches of reach. Also, there are a few different angles you can choose from when ordering a chute extension. If you have a small or hard to reach spot where you need to direct mixed materials but even the MudMixer can’t get quite close enough, the Chute Extension can help.

Can the Chute Extension be easily attached and detached from the MudMixer?

The Chute Extension can be easily attached and detached from the MudMixer as needed. It is a very convenient and useful accessory to have on hand.

Are Chute Extensions adjustable to accommodate different pouring and directing requirements?

Chute extensions are adjustable, to best accommodate different pouring and directing requirements. Chute Extensions can be adjusted to either 15, 25, or 35-degree angles. This ensures that you have the greatest accuracy no matter what your project requires.

How does the Chute Extension affect the overall reach and precision of material pouring?

The Chute Extension can be adjusted to fit a few different angles. With up to 18 additional inches of reach, it is easy to modify your setup to reach whatever area you need to pour material into. In addition, the Chute Extension greatly reduces the amount of splashing that occurs during material pouring.