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14-Guage Hardened Steel

14-Guage Hardened Steel

Can handle any worksite, no matter how tough

Water-Sealed Motor

For consistent pours to save time

Marathon Tires

Guaranteed no stops for flat tires

High-Powered Hose

3-5 minute clean-ups prevent delays

Electric Drivetrain

Up to 45 80lb bags in an hour

360° Pivot Stream

Navigates to tight spots without stops

1 Year Warranty




Mixing Efficiency:

MudMixer outperforms traditional mixers


Quality of Mix:

More consistent with MudMixer


Ease of Transport:

MudMixer is more mobile



Built to last, even in tough conditions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How much is a MudMixer™?

The MudMixer® is the fastest, easiest, multi-use mixer on the market. It costs $2,995.00. This is a solid investment as the MudMixer® was built with durability in mind. The revolutionary two-phase infusion system is sure to result in decreased labor costs whilst increasing the number of jobs completed. Saving you time, money, and energy.

2. Can I use a MudMixer™ for mortar mixing?

The MudMixer® uses a revolutionary fully adjustable water input. This is designed to be used with a variety of mixes, including mortar. Simply drop and fold your bag of mortar into the hopper, adjust the water dial, and stand back while the MudMixer® does its job.

3. Can I use a MudMixer™ for stucco mixing?

You can use the MudMixer® to mix stucco. The integrated bag opener makes for an easy drop-and-fold of your stucco or other favorite dry mix. With the power to chew through more than 40 bags per hour, it will deliver a flow of stucco mix that doesn't stop until the job is done.

4. Can I use a MudMixer™ for grout mixing?

Instead of mixing in time-consuming batches, you can use the MudMixer® to mix grout in a continuous flow. Keep feeding bags of dry grout, and it will keep providing the perfect grout mix. Using the fully adjustable water dial, you have complete control of how wet or dry your mix will be. Once the dial is set, your mix will be consistent throughout the entire pour.

5. Is the water dial on the MudMixer™ adjustable?

The water dial on the MudMixer® is fully adjustable. It has been specially designed to provide a water input that results in a reliable mix consistency. This will stop your mix from being too wet or too dry. Having complete control over the consistency of your mix will save time, energy, and labor costs.

6. How efficient is the MudMixer™ in terms of time and energy?

The MudMixer® is extremely efficient in terms of time and energy. It has the power to get through over 40 80lb bags of dry mix in one hour. This could mean what was a 3–4-person job is now a one-person job. The MudMixer® is the fastest multi-use mixer on the market.

7. What is the capacity of the MudMixer™?

The MudMixer® hopper has a hopper capacity of 120 lbs of dry mix. It removes the need for filling wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow. Just walk your MudMixer® straight up to your forms. This will easily cut your workload in half.

8. Is the MudMixer™ easy to clean and maintain?

It is extremely easy to keep the MudMixer® clean and well-maintained. When you have finished your job, simply grab the secondary hose, and thoroughly clean the mixer. This allows for a quick 5 minute cleanup. The MudMixer® also comes with water-tight electrical boxes and connections, keeping the electric components completely safe. Marathon Flat-Free tires mean no need to change or pump-up tires on the mixer.

9. Can you rent a MudMixer™?

The MudMixer® is available to rent from several rental partners. It is easy to find your nearest rental dealer. Simply allow your browser to share your location. Or enter your address details, and we will show you a dealer near you. Renting is a great idea if you have a one-off job to complete.

10. Do the MudMixer™ products come with any attachments or accessories?

Available to purchase separately is the MMAC-0123 Hopper Extension. For $325.00, you can increase the hopper capacity from 120lbs to 300lbs of dry mix at one time. This allows for feeding bags in the hopper less frequently, which is ideal for a 1 man crew. A Chute Extension, the MMAC-0133 is also available. For $185.00, the chute extension provides an additional 18” of reach. Perfect for those hard-to-reach areas. It also allows for more accuracy and less splashing when pouring your mix.

11. Are there any safety precautions or guidelines for using MudMixer™ products?

All guidelines on how to use the MudMixer® can be found on our Support and Manuals page. We also have short, handy YouTube videos on how to assemble the mixer properly and how to operate it safely and correctly. Full operating guidelines can also be found on the MudMixer® unit itself. Always use a grounded 3-prong power cord to safely connect electricity to the unit.

12. Are there any specific maintenance requirements for the MudMixer™ products?

Thoroughly cleaning the MudMixer™, which takes around 5 minutes, will ensure the longevity of the unit. Use the attached spray nozzle to clean the entire unit. After cleaning, store your MudMixer® in a safe, (ideally covered) dry space until your next use. A full cleaning video can be found on our videos page. You should fully read the owner's manual and assembly instructions provided.

13. Can the MudMixer™ products be used for continuous mixing or for extended periods of time?

The 14 Gauge High-Strength Steel construction means the MudMixer® can take anything you throw at it. The electric drivetrain will keep the flow of mix coming until the job is done. With a durable auger and chute, the MudMixer® will have no problem continually mixing for extended periods of time. As long as dry mix is in the hopper, the MudMixer® will continue to output mixed material.

14. Are MudMixer™ products suitable for professional contractors as well as DIY enthusiasts?

Because MudMixer® products are built for durability and longevity, they can be used by professional contractors. The mixer has been engineer tested and feild approved. One person can mix 1 yard of concrete in an hour, speeding up those smaller pours. Being the fastest, easiest multi-use mixer on the market, DIY enthusiasts as well as professionals will have no problem operating the mixer.

15. Are there any special techniques or tips for achieving optimal mixing results with the MudMixer™ products?

Adjusting the water dial to the correct water input for your desired mix consistency will achieve optimal results. We recommend starting the water dial between 35-50, making small adjustments from there. After each adjustment, wait about 10 seconds before making another. You must use a pressured water source of at least 30psi. In order to ensure your mix is consistent throughout the entire pour, we recommend keeping the hopper at least halfway full.

16. Does the MudMixer™ come with any warranty?

MudMixer® comes with a 365-day warranty. The warranty covers the use of the mixer for personal, family, household, rental, or commercial use. To activate your warranty, register your product within 30 days here. The 1 year warranty will begin when your unit is delivered. You can also scan the QR code, located on the rear electrical box, with your mobile device. This gives you access to warranty, parts, and other product information.

17. Can I buy replacement parts for the MudMixer™?

If you need genuine MudMixer® replacement parts, contact an Authorized Service Dealer or MudMixer® Customer Service. Having your machine's model and serial number to hand will ensure our customer service team can locate the replacement parts easily.

18. How many watts does a MudMixer™ use?

The MudMixer® uses 192 watts. The unit requires 120 volts of electricity. It comes with a 3ft cord. The motor has ½ HP and has motor protection rating IP55.

19. How much can a MudMixer™ hold?

With a hopper capacity of 120lbs, the MudMixer® will produce a continuous flow of mix easily and efficiently. Just keep filling the hopper until your job is done. For the larger jobs, the MMAC-0123 Hopper Extension, available to purchase separately, will increase your hopper capacity to an impressive 300 lbs. of dry mix.

20. Are there any video tutorials or user guides available for using the MudMixer™ products?

Each MudMixer® product comes with an owner's manual and full assembly instructions. Tutorials can be found on the video page of our website. Full support manuals can be downloaded from the support and manuals page. As can step-by-step guides. Operating guidelines can be found on the MudMixer® unit itself.

21. Can the MudMixer™ products be used with dry materials or only with wet mixtures?

The MudMixer® has been engineered to mix dry materials, concrete, stucco, mortar, and more. The mix in the hopper must remain dry to ensure the dry mix feeds into the chute properly. The multi-use mixer will quickly and effortlessly provide the required mix consistency. Giving the user full control of water input, the mix will never be too wet or too dry. The mixer has been designed to give the best experience possible to all users.